The fast, simple and easy to use Operating System.


Download nOS 32bit

Recommended for most Computers

Download nOS NonPAE

Use this if you have a computer made before 1997 or if you are experiencing problems with the 32bit download.

Download nOS 64bit

Use this for recent computers.

Download nOS For Raspberry Pi

The Easy System

nOS is designed with easy usability, simplicity and speed in mind. That's why I decided to base the Operating system around KDE and Ubuntu.

nOS is designed for first time Linux users. The ones who have come straight from Windows.

The KDE desktop interface helps users get around without feeling spooked by command lines and ugly interfaces.

The Strong system

nOS is built on the strong foundations of one of the most popular Linux Distributions, Ubuntu.

Security is something buit right into the foundations of nOS, not just a plastered on afterthought.

There are no known viruses or malware that have been developed for latest versions of Linux so you are safe.

The Linux kernel has security and stability in its core so no threats will get into your computer but you won't be constantly restricted by security prompts.